Providing Strong Support for Your Needs

All services at the Women’s Life Care Center are provided free of charge by trained and professional staff who consider safety and confidentiality our highest priorities. We offer a focus range of services that help women make the best decisions for their healthy and well-being as well as material support for those in urgent need.

As more women and families face ever growing financial and emotional challenges, we know and understand the pressure you feel. Especially when trying to make sense of the many life changing decisions and preparations you need to make. A pregnancy is certainly life-changing and intimidating. It’s understandable if you’re experiencing doubt and confusion about who to trust and talk to, where to get help and how to find the answers necessary to help you blossom as a mother.

Pregnancy Test:

Do you think you may be pregnant and need guidance on confirming your status as well as direction on how to plan based on your options? Please feel free to give us a call at 651.777.0530 to speak with staff or schedule an appointment.

Material & Financial Support:

Through our “Learn While You Earn Program,” we offer free classes on pregnancy, parenting, baby care, healthy relationship building, sexually transmitted disease prevention and more.  Our one-on-one classes are conducted based on a parent coaching approach that is geared towards helping you gain the skills necessary to live a full life with you and your healthy baby. Each class attended earns the participant a credit, and credits can be redeemed for baby equipment such as pack-n-play, car seats, layette, or other items.

We offer:

  • Financial assistance is for qualified individuals
  • Baby clothes
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Car seats

Informational Services:

We provide:

  • Lay counseling
  • Factual information on abortion, pregnancy and adoption
  • Contraception and STI information
  • Abortion recovery support
  • Referrals and networking with other community services